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Preparing Your Home for a Freeze:

Open inside cabinets under sinks in kitchen and bathrooms to allow heated air to circulate around pipes.

Let both hot and cold indoor faucets drip, but do not run a heavy stream of water, it only takes a small drip to prevent pipes from freezing.

Protect outdoor faucets and pipes with insulation. Wrapping them with rags, newspapers, trash bags, plastic foam or bubble wrap can add needed protection.

Unhook all hoses from outside faucets and insulate faucets.

Make sure you know how to turn off your main water supply in case you have a busted pipe. If you suspect you have a leak, turn off the water at the main shut off. If you have a leak and can't get the water turned off, contact you local water supplier. Waterworks District #2 / (318)352-9601

Fill your bathtubs with water to have water for flushing toilets. Store water in jugs or bowls for other household uses.

Always remember to conserve water during extreme cold conditions. This will help the water system be able to keep up with increased demand due to faucets dripping and leaks on both customers lines and or the systems lines.


Natchitoches Parish Waterworks District 2 Launches a Brand New Website! Subscribe Today!

We are excited to announce that our new website has launched and includes information our community needs related to their water service. Check back often, as we will be adding information.

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